Oh Hey Mama!

So I am writing again. Online. Hooray ! (and uh oh what have I gotten myself into) I am not a professional “writer”, or claim to be the next “Oprah”, I just want to start a friendly ,relaxed conversation with you. I have been feeling the need to write again, share my thoughts, inspirations and most of all encourage whenever I can! Lets face it we ALL need a little “pick me up” every now and then especially when life throws a few lemons at us!

I will mainly delve into the “mama world” of things, as that’s the new season I find myself in. (and I will be in this season for quite some time – I might add some other fun elements to the mix in time) I am a first time mum of cutie-pa-tutie Malakai Jude, who is 7 months old . I absolutely adore him and never really knew that it was entirely possible to love a little being as much as I love him.

In this new season of “motherhood” I find myself asking loads of other moms questions, sharing stories, laughing at each others “behind the scenes” mom moments and I ALWAYS walk away from these conversations encouraged & inspired because I felt as though “she gets me, I’m not alone, I can do this”.(Finger snaps) So for this Blog I will be sharing some stories of my own as well asking some awesome inspirational moms to share their stories with you.

So that it can encourage, empower and inspire us.


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