What pregnant women don’t want to hear!

photoI was thinking the other day about this topic whilst having a chat with a friend who is pregnant about how people say the most randomest things (if not inappropriate things) to pregnant women! I can laugh at it now, but back then in my pregnant phase “those comments” would annoy me . I asked a few ladies who have been or are pregnant about “those comments”, and some of their feedback was HILARIOUS! I kept replying : “ People are crazy! How could they say something like that? Especially to a first time mom!” 

I’ve put together a list of things that they (pregnant ladies) did not like hearing! Maybe you can relate to these comments, or have a giggle or two at them. ENJOY!

Things pregnant ladies don’t want to hear :

  • You’re getting BIG! (Uh ya we kinda noticed)
  • Are you sure you want to eat that ? (oh my word NEVER ask a hungry pregnant lady that!)
  • You look like a mini whale! (Especially if your husband says that)
  • Enjoy your sleep now, WHILE it lasts! *insert evil laugh* (What sleep? Been waking up every 2/3 hours to pee at night!)
  • Your life will NEVER be the same! Basically you won’t have a life! (Sorry, I don’t want to be like you!)
  • I’ve heard of full term babies dying in the womb – especially the same month that you are carrying in! (No comment!)
  • So when are you thinking of having another one ? (I don’t know, I still have one in me?!)
  • Are you sure you’re not carrying twins ? (This one never gets old!) 
  • Are you going natural or C-section (followed by judgemental eyes after responding)
  • Are you going to breastfeed or do formula ? (Followed by confused creepy eyes after responding)
  • Ah cute, you’re waddling like a penguin! (It’s called pregnancy SWAG!)
  • You must be carrying a boy, because when you carry a girl you basically look like Shrek because the girls steal your beauty! (Sure, that makes logical sense )
  • When someone tells you ,you look like you’re about to pop and you’re only 3 months pregnant!
  • When people (strangers) start a conversation with you (lets say in Pick n Pay) about why they chose NOT to have kids! (And thats why we aren’t friends guy!)
  • Belly rubs are okay from friends and from the odd stranger but a kiss on the belly from a stranger, well thats a little creepy!
  • When you ask a pregnant lady “What are you naming your child?” please be advised as to how you respond to the name, for example it is NOT okay to respond with : ” That name reminds me of a porn stars name!” (What, who says that? LOL)
  • Please refrain from telling us all about your gory, and slightly exaggerated SCI-FI birthing stories, especially if you are man and have never given birth to a child. (Please and thank you) 

I remember a mom (no names) would repeadtly remind me EVERY time (without fail) she saw me “ Your life will never be the same again! Enjoy the peace and quiet now!!!!”. One day, I had just about enough of her remarks and I replied “ You know what, I am actually quite excited to meet my son! I know it will be tough but I think children are a big blessing!” . I think she realized that because being a mom for her was still such a shock to the system she was feeding her “views and attitudes” onto me. She immediately said “You’re right, they are a big blessing, I love my son!” and that was the end of that!

I know some parents mean well by letting us know that “its challenging” being a mom (because it is). But they (the first time pregnant moms) want to be reminded and encouraged that although it is tough at times – it’s thee most amazing , and rewarding experience! I think other moms (seasoned moms) forget that first time moms are already nervous of whats to come ! Therefore no one needs to reassure them of their worst fears. They want to know that you have their backs, that whatever they decide to do in that time leading up to birth that you will be cheering them on! Believe me they know that it will be challenging, and that it will be a major life style change but let them walk into this new chapter with a sense of excitement and expectation knowing that this new season will have its challenges but it will also have the BIGGEST BLESSINGS !

Basically friends, maybe think twice before you speak to pregnant women! And pregnant friends learn to sift through some of “those comments” and shrug them off, better yet have a giggle compliments of them!

Thank you to the following ladies for contributing their funny or not so funny moments with us : Candice Mc’Carthy,Karen Visser, Amanda Goncalves, Ingrid Alexander, Leanne Koopman, Aimee Kruger, Mia Leao, Roxy Evans and Amy Wyness! 




My Colic Story


I have always wanted to do a little post about my experience with Colic, purely to help other new moms out there who are going through it with their little ones. The purpose of this post isn’t to scare anyone, or put anyone off from having or ever wanting babies. The aim of it, is to encourage other moms who are going through something similar.

Lets get into it shall we?

Colic : is defined as episodes of crying for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three weeks in an otherwise healthy child between the ages of two weeks and four months. This could be due to an immature digestive system, or being overly stimulated , to a combination of the two.

Uh, But God!?

I never truly understood “Colic” until Malakai had it.  When I fell pregnant I said to God : “Okay , God if I do this pregnancy thing please can I not have morning sickness (and I didn’t) and oh ya about Colic can I please be excused from that too? (uh how about no) . Don’t you just love how we make these deals with God sometimes? (haha). I never entertained the thought of Colic because I thought I was excused from it.

Roller coaster of chaos begins

I had heard from other moms whose babies were born a week or two before Malakai saying “enjoy the first two weeks – all they want to do is eat,sleep,poop then repeat – its pure bliss”.  Nope, NEVER experienced that at all! He screamed from the moment he was born! He cried non stop, and it looked as though he was in serious pain!  No matter what we tried (from medicine, to burping,to changing,rocking) nothing seemed to help! A crying baby can leave a first time mom feeling so helpless! We took Malakai to his Paediatrician , and he also confirmed that Malakai had Colic by assessing his symptoms (he had a bloated tummy, would arch his back, had clenched fists etc) It devastated me when the doctor confirmed that it was Colic, I think because I was still hoping that it wasn’t !

We eventually took Malakai to see a Chiropractor who specializes with Colic babies and he noticed that Malakai had spinal tension from being squished up in my belly. The Chiro massaged the tension out, also dangled him by his feet (upside down) to help straighten and lengthen his spine and he also showed us some expert baby burping and massaging techniques to help alleviate the Colic symptoms. It helped a little,but he would cry EVERY night for 6 hours from (wait for it) 12 am until 5:30 -6:am (yip, lucky us!). All he wanted was to be held and rocked. Rasheed and I took turns (tag teaming) sleeping on the couch.

The Famous “Mom Guilt”

There were moments during these screaming sessions that I would feel angry , then I would feel guilty for feeling angry (Hate mom guilt). I felt the only times that I would be able to bond with Malakai was when he was a sleep, which also made me feel guilty (cause it was hard to connect with him when he so upset) . I felt anxious,and teary eyed most of the time. The stress started affecting my breast milk production which in turn made me more stressed! I then decided to put Malakai on Soya based formula (which I felt guilty about –lol never ending mama guilt!) .You see with Colic, there is nothing you can do but really just wait until your baby’s digestive system matures (Not the answer you were looking for? ) . Those days seem like such a blur, maybe because it was a blur from all the sleep deprivation but I remember one moment in particular that changed my attitude towards the Colic.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Malakai was crying  one day for about 5 hours and I was so tired of rocking him that I sat down on a chair holding him and I desperately started praying to God. I said “God out of all the things I asked not to happen , you let it happen”  (yeah , I was feeling VERY sorry for myself!). But in that moment I felt this sense of calm, comfort and peace like no other and I clearly heard him whisper into my heart “ It shouldn’t always be easy when youre a raising a legend!” . In that moment I started crying, and realized that I let the anxiety, the fear, the disappoint speak so loudly into my heart that it was crippling me emotionally and effecting my confidence as a mother. Soon after Malakai fell asleep on my chest, and I just felt this sense of my inner spirit rising up and saying “Bring it! Whatever it takes to raise a legend, I will do it!” and guess what , a few days later Malakai’s Colic cleared! Hello! I let it go, faced it head on and then it ran! It amazes me to this day, that whatever challenges we face , God knows we are SO capable of overcoming it! Its such a HUGE compliment that he has so much faith in us , even when we don’t !

Tips of advice that helped me through it 

Repeat with me 

  • You are a good mama, and you are doing your best with the sitation that you are in. Even though you feel helpless, and frustrated don’t let that effect your confidence as a mom!

Don’t let it define your child

  • Don’t let the Colic itself define your child. I remember sometimes wondering “I think Malakai will be a very angry, tense, and needy baby” . Once the Colic passed he became thee most relaxed, happy, chilled and independent baby!

Have a support group

  • Be open and honest with your family and closest friends with what you are going through, you will be surprised how they will go out of their way to help you! Which in turn helps you to be a better mama! Have a support group of people that you trust.

Cry me a river

  • It’s okay to cry with your baby, and have your moments too! Just don’t stay there for too long!

Just breathe

  • If you feel that you get to that stage where you feel so frustrated and angry, put your baby down in their cot (somewhere safe) step out of the room for second, and have a moment to breath. Reason being is because some times women have unintentionally hurt their babies whilst feeling frustrated. There were times were I would get so frustrated I would put Malakai down in his cot, put on the kettle and make some tea and gather myself. Then go back into the room for round two. It seriously helped.

Let it go

  • Once the Colic passes, don’t let the anxiety you once carried with you in that season stay with you! Let it go! Shake it off!

Speak life

  • Speak constant life into this situation. I remember I used to say to mom “Today he was a bit better, but I think the Colic is still there!” And she turned around look me dead in the eye (Greek Mama Style) and said “Speak life into it your situation Cas, your words have power!”  Which made me aware of what I was speaking over Malakai. Speak LIFE!

Power couple

  • Remember it’s easy to take out your irritation and frustration out on your partner. Remember they are on your team, besides you want them in your corner fighting with you not against you.

A few practical things

(Please note I am not an expert or a doctor, these were just a few things that worked for us).

  • We tried a few different bottles in the beginning , purely because Malakai drank really fast which would make it hard for his stomache to process the air bubbles. Eventually we started using Dr Browns (and we still use it) as it had the best results for Malakai.
  • We also switched to using Soya based formula, as we felt with the normal formula it was harder for him to digest.
  • The chiropractor helped quite a bit, especially with showing specific burping techniques for Malakai.
  • We also would Bennetts Colic Mixture (if it was really bad) .  We found out of all the products that were out there, that one worked the best for us.

Moms, all you can do is take one day at a time, even if you have to take it hour by hour , do so. I know I used to hate being told this “It will pass”, but looking back – It’s true , it does pass! Chin up, you’ve got this!

If you have any other extra tips or advice that helped you during a time like this, please share with us! We would LOVE to hear about it!


Mom to Mom with Liezel Kriel

Mom to mom Liezel KrielI am very EXCITED about our second “Mom to Mom ” interview with a very inspiring mom in the making : Liezel Kriel! Liezel Kriel or as I know her via Twitter and Instagram as @Elle_K I met through other “Twitter moms”, through some “mama tweeting” over our baby boys! It’s been so awesome following her journey with her gorgeous son Ben, she is real , and honest in her approach to “mom hood”, and I find that to be so inspiring, and relatable ! She has a gorgeous blog : ellekaydiary.blogspot.com that you should definitely check out!

Right, lets get straight into shall we? Grab a cuppa ladies, sit back , and relax.

About Liezel :

  • I am 31 (32 in September) and have officially reached the stage where I feel the need to start lying about my age.
  • I am originally from the small town of the De Doorns and moved to Stellenbosch after high school to study Drama at the University of Stellenbosch.
  • I’ve lived in Taiwan for a year, then Cape Town, but eventually found my way back to Stellenbosch.
  • I am a wife to the most handsome of men, mom to the sweetest 3 year old Golden Retriever Knox and then of course my pride and joy our baby boy Ben. Man I love this little guy so much.

Tell us a little bit about the season that you are in :

I’ve always hoped to be a “stay at home” mom. I wanted to be present for every minute of my children’s live’s. In October 2013, 2 months after Ben was born my husband had to close his business and find a new job. I wasn’t employed at the time and financially we took quite a hit. Eventually I had to give up on my dream of staying home with my baby and had to go back to work . It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I found a great daycare and Ben is really enjoying the days spent with friends. He is 9 months old and I must say I am loving this phase. He is so adventurous, and loves to interact and explore. Being a mom has given me such a sense of purpose. Yes, I am beyond tired and there are many frustrating moments, but there are far more awesome moments.


The Challenges 

“Married with kids”

The biggest challenge so far has been maintaining a healthy marriage. We’ve always been the “perfect couple”and we hardly ever fought. Marriage came easy to us, then we had a baby and suddenly everything changed. I had no time to cuddle with my husband on the couch. We were constantly comparing who was doing the most work and who was more tired. In between the utter exhaustion we lost the ability to laugh together. We were so serious, ALL of the time. Sometimes I would feel lonely and a little neglected by him (I’m sure he felt the same) all of our time and energy went into Ben. Things have returned to normal (somewhat) and we are back to laughing and joking, but it’s definitely harder than before.

“Mo money Mo problems”

The other challenge being: Money (Or lack thereof). Not being able to afford the R10 000 Pram or the “best” car seat on the market eats at you. Then you start thinking about school and university fee’s and suddenly your are struggling for air and breathing into a brown paper bag.

The Blessings 

For me a big blessing was being able to fall pregnant, and then to experience pregnancy . Another blessing; being a mom to thee most gorgeous little boy. It has made me feel so worthwhile and special. I also love the fact that I can share this journey with both of my parents. They are SO obsessed with him, and seeing the bond form between them is so special.

Advice for other moms

A week after I had my baby I had to go see my doctor for a checkup. Getting both of us ‘dressed and ready’ for my 11:00 am appointment created so much anxiety that I phoned my husband at work crying and asked him to meet us at the doctor’s office. That first trip driving my baby was so nerve wracking. I was such an emotional mess when I got to the doctor’s office, that he ended up prescribing me a mild anti-depressant. When I got home I saw a fellow new mom’s Instagram post of her sitting at a coffee shop with her newborn looking calm, polished and put together. I felt like such a failure. In comparing myself to this mom I put so much unnecessary pressure on myself.

My advice would be to just focus on you and your baby. No comparing yourself to others!!! Go at your own pace. No new mom or baby is alike. Do what works for you.

Thank you Liezel for sharing with us, your honesty is SO refreshing! Ben is such a gorgeous boy and is so lucky to have you as his mama! I loved how you ended this post off by saying “Don’t compare yourself with others” , as women we tend to do that ALOT. We bring ourselves down without even realising it! It reminds me of this quote : “Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodor Roosevelt. I’ve often found that when I start comparing myself to others, I start feeling down and thats when I KNOW I need to count my blessings and be grateful for what I have !  A Thankful heart, is a happy heart.




Photography by : Nikki Meyer


First Mothers Day.

mothers daySo today is my FIRST MOTHERS DAY (eeeeeeeeeee happy baby whale sound) and I have a very sick little baby at the moment! I only clocked in 3 hours sleep but some how I am still full of ….um…uh LIFE? (haha) But it’s my FIRST MOTHERS DAY, and we will still celebrate !

I have never been this excited before, and I am not even sure why? Maybe its because I find being a mom to be such an honor, and to celebrate that with my gorgeous family is just the BEST feeling in the world. I think its awesome that a day like today gets everyone to stop “collaborate and listen”  (I had too!) , pause , reflect on their moms intentionally. Being a mom is a full on, full time job (24 / 7) yet it is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. I think every mom would agree with me when I say there is nothing quite like a mothers love! I could go, on and on – but lets move on shall we?

I was told to wait in the bedroom this morning with Malakai until my husband aka “Gordon Ramsy(the edited version) was finished cooking up a storm in the kitchen! (The smell of bacon-DROOL ).It was the worth wait! My husband laid out a beautiful spread (Go Rash!) flowers every where (protea’s and baby’s breath) , all fitting a colour scheme of course, juice in fancy glasses, candles , music playing (You name it – it was there). I was also spoilt with thee most amazing gift, that I will cherish FOREVER, a gorgeous locket with a picture of my two favourite boys ; Rash and Malakai (heart melt). Rash thank you for making my FIRST (of many) Mothers Day so special  for me , you truly went above and beyond ❤ Malakai said it was all his idea, but he delegated all the work to you? (Good team work) ha ha


On Mothers Day , Malakai I want you to know :

▪  That I love you above and beyond. FULL STOP.
▪  I am proud of literally EVERYTHING you do! (NO JOKES!)
▪  I am in awe of how you observe everything around you.
▪  I love how your nose crinkles and your cheeks look like they could possibly explode off of your face from smiling or laughing!
▪  I love that you are so friendly and warm towards all sorts of people.
▪  I love how you started pulling this “cheesy fake smile”, and start breathing like mini dragon when you want me to pass you something!
▪  I love how, just before I put you to sleep at night, you smile and stroke my face when I kiss you goodnight.( My Favourite)
▪  I love it when you do this dramatic sigh, when you’re tired or bored.
▪  I love it when you literally some times talk / sing yourself to sleep.
▪  I love how you leopard crawl towards (aka chase)  “Cutie” the cat, because you are so determined to have her love you! (One day she will give in)
▪  You are gentle, you are definitely loving, you are friendly, you are funny, you are VERY charming , and you are SO sweet!
▪  I am SO proud to be YOUR MOM ❤

Malakai & Mom 1 Malakai & Mom 4

I am so grateful to have thee most amazing mom, who loves us so passionately! There is nothing quite like a “Greek Mama’s” love! She has been my BIGGEST cheerleader, and has always been there for me! I love how she is a mom figure too many ! (Literally)  I’ve also been blessed with a beautiful mother in law who raised amazing children – ‘yummy mummy’ Rish (who I adore and admire) Adam the ‘super star’ and of course my absolute favorite Rasheed who is a rocking dad, a romantic husband and all rounded creative genius! I feel so blessed to have such strong women in my life, that inspire me on a daily basis! Love you all!

Today, was a special day for me! I LOVED every moment of it! From our family breakfast with a snotty coughing yet smiling baby, to a home cooked family lunch made my Italian Stallion dad ! Rasheed and Malakai you are two of the greatest , and I love you to the moon and back and then some! Thanks for a very memorable Mothers Day!

My mom, Brother,Malakai & I Mom & I

Mom to Mom with Carmia Leao


I am very excited to be sharing my first “Mom to Mom” article with you. In our “Mom to Mom” section, we get to meet a fellow “Mom in the Making” and hear what’s going on in her world. Today we have the pleasure of meeting a very special friend of mine that I have had the honor of knowing for several years now. We met years ago on a course, and she somehow crept up beside me and said (in a creepy tone)  “I’ve seen you around, and I have always wanted to meet you, my boyfriend and I call you the Funky Girl !” (ha ha). How could you not want to be friends with someone who introduces herself like that ? Carmia aka Mia has the best introductions. If not memorable ones! She has always brought a smile to my face through her genuine, sincere, and loving nature. I know that she has touched the hearts of many that have come across her path and that’s why I wanted to start this section with her.

About Carmia:

  • My name is Carmia Leao but my friends call me Mia.
  • I am married to Sergio Leao Co owner of Fusion floors, we have been married for 5 years.
  • I have two beautiful children Jesse (20 months) and Giana (3 months old) their age difference is a year and a half.
  • I am currently a stay home mom.

I am at Carmia’s house, busy doing her make up for her first date night since having 3 month old Giana. She is very excited as she will be celebrating hers and Sergio’s 5 year wedding anniversary this evening (Congrats guys!) . While I am doing her make up, we are recording her thoughts and views on “mom hood”.

Tell us a little bit about the season that you are in?

At the moment I am a stay home mom with my daughter Giana (3 months) while Jesse (20 months) my first born attends Daycare. Financially it is a bit tight, but I am hoping to start part time work when Giana is four months old. Which means both children will be attending Daycare. The thought of Daycare can be nerve wracking for first time moms, because you wonder and worry if other people aka “crazy people” will be able to look after your kids! What do you mean “Crazy people” Mia? As in the crazy kids make them crazy at Daycare (ha ha) . But after awhile you and your child get used to it (Daycare) , and it becomes a blessing to both mom and child. Jesse comes home happy, which makes me happy.

How does having a second child compare to having  the first child?

With the first child, you are overwhelmed in general. You are adjusting to new sleeping patterns, you’re feeding on demand,your body is healing from giving birth and your boobs are adjusting to breastfeeding. In the beginning (first few weeks) you feel like its never ending, you start thinking “is this how my life is going to be like forever?” It starts to effect how you feel; you start feeling a bit down, and despondent. But then with Giana, I knew that the “beginning phase” would pass. Which made me more relaxed, knowing that it’s just a phase that would eventually pass. And that season is gradually passing by, for example my husband and I waited three months before going on our first date night! (Which is tonight woohoo). Just keep reminding yourself that it will pass, and your baby will settle into a routine when they are ready.

Team Leao


The Challenges

“The Balancing Act”

The biggest challenge at the moment is to give Giana and Jesse equal attention. Sergio and I will “Tag Team”, and swap kids.  For example Sergio will fetch Jesse from Daycare. Then when Jesse is home I will feed him while Sergio gives Giana a bottle. Sergio will then bath Jesse, and I will get Jesse ready for bed. Its a juggling act. (Sounds like you are rocking it Team Leao!)

“Intimacy & Self image”

Another challenge is to keep the romance alive, especially when you’ve had an exhausting day. But sometimes you need to just “take one for the team” (haha) and mentally prepare yourself for “sexy times” . While the baby is asleep quickly polish up ladies – trim downstairs, put some shimmer lotion on and something cute to wear, you may not “feel” like it. BUT it will be so rewarding for both you and your husband. To add to this, I find that I am constantly working on my “self confidence”.  I often don’t feel sexy with my “mommy body“. I keep reminding myself that my husband still thinks I’m sexy even though my boobs might look like “cones” at the moment. Sometimes I wish we could see ourselves the way our husbands see us, and stop being so hard, and so critical on ourselves.

“Getting out vs Cabin Fever”

Something else that I find quite challenging, is trying not to loose my mind while being indoors 24/7 . I am quite a social person and I like being around people . I make sure that Giana and I get out of the house to baby friendly places ; Tygervalley has the best baby changing facilities for feeding and changing, Damhuis restaurant in Melkbos is a favourite, and I love going to the Mugg n Bean by the Paddocks, if it is a nice warm day we will go to Green Point park. Theres something about going out and getting out of the house.

The Blessings

For me one of the biggest blessings is knowing that your children are a gift from God. It’s awesome to know that you can pour Gods love into them! Another blessing about being a mom, is when you and your husband witness your children doing something funny or something cute. Those moments are special because you know that they are YOURS!

Advice for other moms : 

  • Make sure that your relationship with your husband is healthy, invest in it, cherish it, and look after each other especially in challenging seasons, and um “sexy times” is a must!!!
  • Stay connected with other moms, meet up regularly and share mom stories and encourage one another!
  • Make sure you get out of the house with your baby, go for a walk around the block or go out to the shops. The more you do it the more confident you will become when cruising out and about with your baby.
  • Don’t let mommy guilt dictate you, decide what works best for you and your family and just go with it. So if that means introducing a formula bottle sooner than what you originally thought for personal reasons then do it – you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.
  • Remind yourself that this is just a season, you will go on date nights again, you will be able to sleep for longer at night again, it will happen.
  • Be patient and be present in the moment with your baby. They grow up so quickly!

Carmia’s make up and hair is done, and she is looking gorgeous! Before I go , we quickly take a few fun pics ! You can see that this lady somehow manages to balance being there for both of her children. She knows when to laugh at herself, and when to laugh with her kids. She is real and honest in her approach to mom hood, and I just LOVE that about her! Carmia I hope you had some “sexy times” ! 


Weekend away with a baby

Weekend away with a teething baby !

Cass Lee

weekend away feature So over the long weekend we had a “mini get away” with friends to Wortelgat  with a 7 month old teething baby (Eak) . Malakai is a very chilled, relaxed baby and is quite content with new unfamiliar faces, he is friendly and is always smiling at the ladies  (Hmm need to keep my eye on that) However when our good old friend “teething” makes it rounds its leaves Malakai a little uncomfortable, moody, and quite vocal about it too! So , I was a little nervous to take him away with us (not like I would leave him at home or anything)  Nervous because teething leaves him feeling very uncomfortable, irritable and unpredictable. Babies are unpredictable in general, they always keep you guessing like a game of charades! (Baby charades) But none the less, as they say “YOLO”, we took the plunge / cheered ourselves on (aka…

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Weekend away with a baby

weekend away featureSo over the long weekend we had a “mini get away” with friends to Wortelgat with a 7 month old teething baby (Eak). Malakai is a very chilled, relaxed baby and is quite content with new unfamiliar faces, he is friendly and is always smiling at the ladies (Hmm need to keep my eye on that) However when our good old friend “teething” makes it rounds its leaves Malakai a little uncomfortable, moody, and quite vocal about it too! So , I was a little nervous to take him away with us (not like I would leave him at home or anything) Nervous because teething leaves him feeling very uncomfortable, irritable and unpredictable. Babies are unpredictable in general, they always keep you guessing like a game of charades! (Baby charades) But none the less, as they say “YOLO”, we took the plunge / cheered ourselves on (aka mentally prepared ourselves) and started planning all of our essentials that we would need for the weekend away with friends. Its not as simple as putting the baby in the car and going, you have to consider what will he/she sleep in, what solids are they eating and at what times, sterilize bottles, have enough diapers and change of clothes, medicine kit , are there enough toys and goodies to keep a crawling baby entertained? etc and OH don’t forget to pack for yourself! (haha) Once all of that is organized , you are pretty much good to go.

One of my besties Rene is getting married soon – so her and her fiancé planned a weekend get away for the bridal party and their partners close to their wedding venue. Their wedding venue De Uijlenes is absolutely gorgeous! I want to describe it in detail so badly for you BUT I don’t want to give away any surprises for the guests! It makes me SO excited for them and their big day! I have the HONOR of being the “maid of honor” (Woohoo,the chosen one haha) for my beautiful friend Rene, and my heart can’t contain my excitement for this new chapter that her and Hein are about to embark on! Obviously we had to practice our “bridesmaids with the bride pose”. 

Check out our poses:

The GirlsThe suns in our eyes smile!1,2,3…...We did it!

We love going away, and having some down time. There’s something about being out of your house, out of routine, away from technology and letting the soul recharge and rest. We packed the car, as in our WHOLE house (literally) We ended up borrowing my dad’s 4×4, and filled it to the brim with baby essentials (camping cot, walking ring , toys galore, bottle sterilizer, microwave – Yip you heard me a MICROWAVE because the house we were staying at did not have one,the house was solar power which in essence meant the microwave kept draining all the power – therefore no microwave sterilizing of bottles. BUT good old fashioned boiling hot water over a gas stove and hoping for the best! “Moms got to do what a moms got to do” And it worked ! He survived! Good to know for future trips). I feel like I am always learning new things as a mom! Any moms with me on that one?

Malakai slept for the whole drive up (Good boy) which was about 3 hours, had to change his diaper in the car, feed him while we were driving around in the actual town. (Multitasking to the max) But once we got out of the car I could see he was so intrigued and just loving the outdoors. (The smells, and sights) and he absolutely LOVED all the attention he received from all of the friends! He loved it so much that he didn’t want to nap . (Oops) He just loved looking at the gorgeous view from his walking ring, and loved chilling on the grass doing tummy time! I think the sights, and company of fun friends distracted him from his teething too be honest, yes he was a little niggly but that he didn’t stop him from smiling and socializing! (Little champ) There were one or two moments where he was struggling a bit with his teething and was very grump, tired and struggling to take naps – thats when I took him to a quiet room and did my best to help comfort him until he FINALLY fell asleep. I always used to feel bad when Malakai would cry or be upset in front of others, not sure why – maybe I was worried if it bothered others,or it could relate to his Colic days and me being anxious all the time (more on that later) But in those moments I remind myself he is only a baby and crying is his only way of communicating with me about how he feels, and I must just love him.

Malakai and Mom KissesMalakaiMalakai enjoying natureMy FavsMy boys

Traveling with a baby is a little bit of a challenge, but once you get going and just do it – it becomes another thing you can add to your “mom belt” of things you’ve achieved and know its doable. And its so worth it making that extra effort, and forcing yourself to go away with your little family – everyone ends up benefiting from it. Just because you have a kid it doesn’t mean that your life should stop, they become apart of your world just as much as you become part of their world. It was so special sharing this gorgeous view with Malakai, and with our friends. I feel so BLESSED living in such a beautiful city (Cape Town)  that has so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

Wortelgat Lake 2Wortelgat LakeWortelgat View 2Wortelgat View


Pics taken by my talented hubby Rash Ferguson who does all sorts of creative free lance work from design,to video editing to branding you name it!  (Check out his work)