What pregnant women don’t want to hear!

photoI was thinking the other day about this topic whilst having a chat with a friend who is pregnant about how people say the most randomest things (if not inappropriate things) to pregnant women! I can laugh at it now, but back then in my pregnant phase “those comments” would annoy me . I asked a few ladies who have been or are pregnant about “those comments”, and some of their feedback was HILARIOUS! I kept replying : “ People are crazy! How could they say something like that? Especially to a first time mom!” 

I’ve put together a list of things that they (pregnant ladies) did not like hearing! Maybe you can relate to these comments, or have a giggle or two at them. ENJOY!

Things pregnant ladies don’t want to hear :

  • You’re getting BIG! (Uh ya we kinda noticed)
  • Are you sure you want to eat that ? (oh my word NEVER ask a hungry pregnant lady that!)
  • You look like a mini whale! (Especially if your husband says that)
  • Enjoy your sleep now, WHILE it lasts! *insert evil laugh* (What sleep? Been waking up every 2/3 hours to pee at night!)
  • Your life will NEVER be the same! Basically you won’t have a life! (Sorry, I don’t want to be like you!)
  • I’ve heard of full term babies dying in the womb – especially the same month that you are carrying in! (No comment!)
  • So when are you thinking of having another one ? (I don’t know, I still have one in me?!)
  • Are you sure you’re not carrying twins ? (This one never gets old!) 
  • Are you going natural or C-section (followed by judgemental eyes after responding)
  • Are you going to breastfeed or do formula ? (Followed by confused creepy eyes after responding)
  • Ah cute, you’re waddling like a penguin! (It’s called pregnancy SWAG!)
  • You must be carrying a boy, because when you carry a girl you basically look like Shrek because the girls steal your beauty! (Sure, that makes logical sense )
  • When someone tells you ,you look like you’re about to pop and you’re only 3 months pregnant!
  • When people (strangers) start a conversation with you (lets say in Pick n Pay) about why they chose NOT to have kids! (And thats why we aren’t friends guy!)
  • Belly rubs are okay from friends and from the odd stranger but a kiss on the belly from a stranger, well thats a little creepy!
  • When you ask a pregnant lady “What are you naming your child?” please be advised as to how you respond to the name, for example it is NOT okay to respond with : ” That name reminds me of a porn stars name!” (What, who says that? LOL)
  • Please refrain from telling us all about your gory, and slightly exaggerated SCI-FI birthing stories, especially if you are man and have never given birth to a child. (Please and thank you) 

I remember a mom (no names) would repeadtly remind me EVERY time (without fail) she saw me “ Your life will never be the same again! Enjoy the peace and quiet now!!!!”. One day, I had just about enough of her remarks and I replied “ You know what, I am actually quite excited to meet my son! I know it will be tough but I think children are a big blessing!” . I think she realized that because being a mom for her was still such a shock to the system she was feeding her “views and attitudes” onto me. She immediately said “You’re right, they are a big blessing, I love my son!” and that was the end of that!

I know some parents mean well by letting us know that “its challenging” being a mom (because it is). But they (the first time pregnant moms) want to be reminded and encouraged that although it is tough at times – it’s thee most amazing , and rewarding experience! I think other moms (seasoned moms) forget that first time moms are already nervous of whats to come ! Therefore no one needs to reassure them of their worst fears. They want to know that you have their backs, that whatever they decide to do in that time leading up to birth that you will be cheering them on! Believe me they know that it will be challenging, and that it will be a major life style change but let them walk into this new chapter with a sense of excitement and expectation knowing that this new season will have its challenges but it will also have the BIGGEST BLESSINGS !

Basically friends, maybe think twice before you speak to pregnant women! And pregnant friends learn to sift through some of “those comments” and shrug them off, better yet have a giggle compliments of them!

Thank you to the following ladies for contributing their funny or not so funny moments with us : Candice Mc’Carthy,Karen Visser, Amanda Goncalves, Ingrid Alexander, Leanne Koopman, Aimee Kruger, Mia Leao, Roxy Evans and Amy Wyness! 




8 thoughts on “What pregnant women don’t want to hear!

  1. I got A LOT of those when I was pregnant and I didn’t let them get to me. But I think after the 5 millionth time someone asked me if I’m sure I’m not carrying twins I was ready to burst! I think I may have come off as rude a few times with “Do your eyes have ultrasound powers that I don’t know about?!”

  2. I got A LOT of those when I was pregnant and I didn’t let them get to me. But I think after the 5 millionth time someone asked me if I’m sure I’m not carrying twins I was ready to burst! I think I may have come off as rude a few times with “Do your eyes have ultrasound powers that I don’t know about?!”

  3. I love the misplaced, random comment from people about my pregnancy but I’ve done this a few times so I’ve developed a sense of humour about them, I wasn’t so forgiving the first time around. I especially like the comments I get when people hear (or see) I’m having my 4th (Yes, 4th) child 🙂 those are priceless 🙂

  4. These are all so true!! I was with an unnamed relative the other day who asked a lady if she was having twins (ouch). She then showed her shock when the women told her she was still 5 weeks away. “Oh wow, I thought you were due any day!” I wanted to go burry my head in a hole!

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