Father Day interview post with my awesome hubby!

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I have posted a new interview , this time with my husband Rasheed Ferguson. He talks ALL things “Dad” and about his fears, his joys, and hashtags ! Check it out over here .


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Miss Cass Lee Official Site

Miss Cass Lee has an official site now! (Hooray) I was quite taken back by the growth of this little informal blog, that my husband and I thought we would take it up a notch and make it more legit! So Miss Cass Lee has had a mini make over ! (Oh Yeah!)

My amazingly talented husband Rasheed (You should check out his work) has been helping me put it together ! We’ve moved everything across to the new site, and I am hoping that you will move with us. Check it out here and let me know what you think.

Miss Cass Lee


My Pregnancy Diary Part One


My husband and I have never ever really been “baby people”. By that I mean, we never had those “broody moments” whenever we saw babies. In fact I think we were more freaked out by them. They always appeared to look like overgrown wriggly worms. I remember my husband would say “They look so gross when they drool, and when there’s food all over their face!”

Some times I used to question if my husband and I were robots? Don’t get me wrong I like kids (I teach kids) , they are fun, have a bit of personality and are more independent. But babies seemed a bit creepy, maybe it was because they were so small, vulnerable, and needy. Or maybe to me they resembled change. When one of my best friends fell pregnant people would ask me “So Cass are you feeling broody now that your friend is pregnant?” My response “No”. Then when my friend had her baby, I was asked again “So do you feel broody now?” My response “No, I’m good thanks!

WE knew we wanted to have kids of our own (Eventually). We wanted to wait until we were BOTH completely ready. Somes times a partner can be so eager to have a baby when the other partner isn’t ready and it can put pressure on them and on the relationship. And I didn’t want that for us. We live very busy lives, and we knew that we wanted to get some things done before EVER considering raising our own spawn. We wanted to be completely indulged in one another and in the things we loved for as long as we could. Because we knew that when a child comes along, things would be different. You can’t really be selfish when a kid is involved. How you plan your day, week can be tricky because you have to consider how it impacts / effects your child. You can’t just go and have “Date Night”, and leave your child at home alone, no you have to organise a baby sitter etc. It’s a juggling act.

We had a good few years of just us, hubby and I. Then something happened! We both felt in our hearts a little whisper of “Its time to plan and prepare for a baby!” ….. SORRY…WHAT? ! (And breath). We chatted about it, spoke about our concerns (could we afford it ?) our fears (are we ready to be parents?) and then we started getting excited about it (YAY,a mini us!) . We decided that we didn’t want to put pressure on ourselves with regards to the “falling pregnant” part. We wanted it to be as natural as possible, and completely in Gods timing (which is ALWAYS perfect and ALWAYS on time!) . I think because we were so relaxed about it, it happened REALLY quickly! Like as in as soon as we started! We were very blessed in that way, because for other couples it takes a bit longer.

I remember my periods were four days late, and I was feeling flu-ish (tired,REALLY tired) . I took a pregnancy test at home (without telling hubby) and it said “PREGNANT”. I went and bought another pregnancy test which confirmed “PREGNANT”. Without telling my husband (still) I went to the doctor to do a test which she then confirmed (say it with me now) PREGNANT”. I then asked the Doctor if she could do a blood test to double check (haha denial much?) . She laughed and said “Ok, we can do that, but you are definitely (one more time) PREGNANT!” . I wasn’t disappointed or anything, I think I was in shock that it happened so quickly! I thought maybe Rasheed and I would have more time to mentally prepare ourselves. I decided I would make my husband a “romantic out of this world supper”, and I would wrap the test up in cute gift wrapping. So when my husband walked through the doors he must have felt like a king (You’re welcome Hubbles!) when he saw the table all laid out all beautifully! (Go me!) 


After we munched, I gave him his “present”, he opened it, looked at it – looked confused . I think because he wasn’t sure what he was looking at it and what the result meant. Then he clicked, and had the biggest smile, maybe a “sweaty eye” or two! We indulged in the moment, celebrated, and decided to wait a week before telling our families. Because we wanted to tell them in a  fun creative way   (which I will post about in part two) . We were excited, nervous, overwhelmed, and ready (well sort of) for this next season. This was just the beginning of the most wildest roller coaster ride of all time!