Henry’s Birth Story – My Journey of Love, Loss, & Healing

All moms who have experienced losing of a child should read this , or in fact anyone should read this and be moved that life is a gift and we should always treasure those that we love ❤

Along Came Ollie


December 21st, 2014 started off like any other day, but ended with my happy dream of the future turning into an unthinkable nightmare; at 38.5 weeks pregnant I lost my baby boy, Henry Xavier, before he was ever even born. It’s very difficult for me to share such a deeply personal experience publicly, but I’ve decided to put my story out there, for one, because I find talking about it extremely therapuetic, and also with the hope that my journey helps others dealing with a similar loss and to know that they’re not alone.

It was a normal, busy Sunday focusing on my toddler, running errands to prep for Christmas, and trying not to think about the fact that I was HUGE and still pregnant when Oliver had been born at 37 weeks. It wasn’t until about 3pm standing on the playground watching my husband and son play that I…

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